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Why do people use our trustworthy Divorce Investigation Services?

We all know that Divorce is not an interested phase of life as nobody wants to ruin his /her life hence sometime partner could not cope-up with each other. In this situation some prefer to continue life as usual to save their married family life and some people prefer to make divorce decision, will it is up to anindividual whether he/she wants to continue married life or not. Therefore wetake it as a sensitive matter because divorce case contains several emotions and intensity and we have been expert in taking this case wisely. Our specialized team of detective agents is handling divorce case investigation.

What legal actions to take, if my spouse is Fornication /Adultery?

Adultery/Fornication is accepted a deliberate sexual action by a married person with another married or unmarried individual. Almost every religion condemns it and treat it as grave sin. Indian Penal Code descry adultery as a consistent sexual intercourse between a man, married or unmarried, and a married women without the consent or connivance of her husband. Only a man can be prosecuted for the misdeed of adultery under the IPC. An adulteress “wife” is absolutely free from criminal responsibility. A women cannot even be penalized for “instigate” the offence. Adultery law, speculate that the “wife” was a victim of adultery.


Trident Investigation team is expert in obtaining evidences of spouse’s financials; whether it is from work place, collecting income proofs, check financial institutes or find assets to regularise alimony decisions in the court of law and getting relief to either party. It also helps to find share in property and other assets too.

Evidences for illicit marriage or affair or ignoring his/her own children for self fun, pleasure or any other reason can lead the evidence in child possession case to other parent.

As fight for truth is a first right of the human being and one should achieve the correct evidencesso must get the right judgment from the court of law, Trident team would love to be a part of it for obtaining required evidences.


  • Best Experienced and Verified team of Detectives
  • Uppermost Degree of concealment
  • Factual and cost saving process
  • Client satisfaction – main motto
  • Uses latest and contaminate detectives equipment
  • Successfully deal with many divorce cases
  • Obtain required evidences for court purposes

With our experts enormous experience in the respective domain. We are accomplished of serving our esteemed clients with services of Divorce Cases Investigations. You must need to approach us and define the needs of the service for you. The professional detectives of our intelligence investigationteam will simplify assist you with the best possible solutions and that too in an easier way.

Trident Investigations Network™ team is best in its disclose services and always ready to deliver splendid investigation services as we are without a doubt-most acceptable professional detective agency in India. And for the divorce investigation services this is the right organization which can help you to come out with the truth which you want to find out in partner. So, if you feel that you need Reputed Divorce Agents then make a visit to our office we will happy to assist you.

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