False Insurance Medical Claims


A False Insurance and Medical clam investigation are often by private investigators from our specialist personnel to research and provide vital proof on false insurance claims. Deceitful and otherwise dishonest claims area unit an ever increasing downside for insurance corporations. Though it’s typically quite clear that a deceitful claim has been bestowed, several area unit tough to assess, and additional proof is usually required before the insurance company is ready to refuse bring in.

By endeavour a careful however through claim investigation often involving a combination of intelligence and surveillance work evidence of the petitioner true scenario will be uncovered. Ought to the applying be dishonourable or dishonest then with ample proof of the facts together with a witness statement by our investigators a false payoff will be prevented and also the application self-addressed within the applicable aspect.

Our personal investigations are targeted precisely at confirming the relevant standing concerning the particular claim itself, and as well as the claimants statement. By taking this direct to your necessities while not wasting valuable time and funds on extra work. This approach also will make sure that all the relevant areas are addressed which the results of the investigation are truthful and correct. We verify person’s health condition that covers any prior disease or health hazard issues with eating tobacco or having alcohol habits, drugs habitual etc. In medical claim and general insurance we check the actual amount of injury and correlate it with the claims.

We are ready to give solutions to several suspected insurance claims together with however not restricted to:

  • Car accident & vehicle repair claims
  • Car accident personal injury claims
  • General personal injury claims
  • Health and medical claims
  • Disability and restricted ability claims
  • Disability and restricted ability claims

At Trident Investigations Network™, insurance fraud /medical claim investigation is one in every of our key competencies. We tend to work closely with several of the most important life and insurance providers, Attorneys/Lawyers loss Adjusters, Investigation Agencies, Self-insured employers to help in distinguishing those committing dishonest insurance acts. Our professional team of specially fraud claims and can testify throughout trails regarding their discoveries throughout their insurance fraud investigations.

We incessantly attempt to assist you to provide a systematically high commonplace of service and service and perceive intensive enquirers associated with the insurance sector. We have a tendency to discuss all the problems in complete confidential manner that is additionally enclosed non revelation agreement wherever necessary. To get additional comprehensive data associated with insurance investigation services you will inquire at Trident Investigations Network™.

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