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Litigation Support is that the method of providing consultation and support services to attorneys in relation to current and unfinished cases. The sort of support services offered can depend upon the requirements of the professional person and will vary from analysis and documentation of facts and precedents before a case involves trial, or helping within the determination of damages one a case has been tried. Consultants providing this sort of skilled service may go severally or be one in all many consultants acting at a firm providing litigating support services. Someday real and powerful proceedings cases become weal and are lost within the court of law for lack of concrete proof and supporting data that one finds tough to get on his own. Trident Investigations NetworkTM will facilitate in getting the specified data to strengthen cases bearing on support payment, divorce custody, land & property disputes, bank and insurance frauds, succession & inheritance and different civil and criminal cases.

A court case may become a hallucination/nightmare, wrecking you or your company’s quality and name if it goes against you. Trident Investigations NetworkTM has an admirable expertise to assists in getting ready for and in coming up with a settlement strategy. We offer the experience of proceeding support professionals to help attorneys to manage giant scale litigations. This includes managing the massive volumes of knowledge associated with and created in proceedings. We manage, kind and index the info. Management methods are offered by our skilled proceeding support professionals who may also assist with technologies with in the court by providing support to the clients and trainings in code which will facilitate in managing proceeding.

Litigation Support usage cases:

  • Fact finding missions
  • Friendly or adverse witness vetting
  • Asset searches
  • Interviews Investigation
  • Witness location and identification
  • Social media data capture.

Litigation Support services are firms that aren’t created from legal skilled, However instead, of workers who have access to bread legal databases. If a consumer, legal professionals, or legal assistant wants data regarding a specific case or law they’re going to contact or hire a legal proceeding support team to help in always efforts. Legal proceeding support services have access to resources that change the businesses to get and organize data.

Another vital operate that we’ve whereas we offer judicial proceeding support to our clients is that the investigation of adverse witnesses. Judicial proceeding support and a few of those services area unit quite crucial that is why our experience would be of plenty of importance to assist out our clients out of robust state of affairs. We have a tendency to additionally, offer services to access the opposing party. This can be so as to work out the settlement methods if needed in order that the judicial proceeding involves a calm ends.

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