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loan-defaulter Trident investigation

Today Due to troublesome status, taking monetary help, Loans and Debts from cash disposition companies, Monetary Establishments and people are getting a norm of life vogue. Additional Folks are choosing such monetary help and loan to satisfy their daily wants and needs and to form their life more well-off. However because of the increasing rate of frauds and crime it’s changing into quite troublesome for disposition parties to recover the loan and finances with none issue.

Financial Institutions and Lending agencies face downside in recovering the loan quantity from the recipient. Moreover, folks may additionally decamp someday and therefore the organizations could file an economic condition petition or informatics, IP. So, in such cases loaning agencies could approach Private Investigations Agencies to disclose the purpose behind the money fend off.

We at Trident Investigations Network™ delivered services to financial institutions and disposition agencies and facilitate them to recover the number with none trouble. Services of detectives will be hired to locate the borrower(s)/co-borrower(s)/guarantor(s)/ mortgagor(s), (in/outside India) including their legal heirs who are either untraceable or not available at the addresses given in bank’s records. We provide services for monetary frauds. Person or company/ institution takes loan lander.

Our trained professionals provide services to:
  • Conducts thorough investigations and inquiries on identified and suspicious accounts within the specified systems
  • Identify fraud trends, make recommendations for new strategies to prevent additional losses, and assume responsibility for special projects as assigned by Management
  • Check the financial condition and asset of the person or with company
  • Check the availability and existence of a person or business entity.
  • Search absconding persons, company directors and their assets.

Loan could be of home loan, personal loan, or business loan. We are providing to facilitate the monetary institutions and banks to trace the loan defaulter and create the organization privy to them. We’ve got solved several financial frauds cases and derived several loan defaulters who have abscond with the loan money. We place all our efforts and facilitate the financial institutions to recover the money from the receiver. The case of loan elude is sort of higher in India and it’s invariably higher to hire our services if you don’t need to become consecutive victim of such defaulters.

We are having high tech knowledgable and resourceful detective agents, and have with success resolved many essential money fend off and loan cases, recovery cases and debt cases. We tend to invariably stay prime priority of our clients as a result of we provide made-to-order money investigation services. We thought of as an acknowledged agency as so much as money and loan investigation services worries. The knowledge we tend to gather is sort of useful for our clients and conjointly. We sometimes tend to facilitate them to recover the money as quickly as attainable while not defying rules and regulations.

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