Obtaining Proof in Delhi Ncr


Accumulation of proof/evidences & the validity of any pronouncement or comments is brazenly captivated with the amount of proof and evidences which will be made within the court of law. The results of any dispute/judicial proceedings relies on investigate report assortment of proofs and direct, confirmatory or specific evidences for filling the cases. Obtaining Proofs and Evidences the entire of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and criminal action code and therefore the law of proof area unit based mostly of nominal proof. Legal assault is fought within the court of law however we will collect such info and appropriate proof which may assist you collection proof and witness needed for criminal, civil or body.

All investigations and interrogation square measure administer with utmost caution and confidentiality to produce the client complete obscurity while not alerting the topic. We have all- inclusive infrastructure of associate hand-writing experts to research on controversial document issues like counterfeiting, anonymous letters, calligraphy, adjustment, erasures, interpolations typewritten matter, age of link, fingerprint, bank fraud cases etc. We’ve an authentic & certified laboratory people with all the infrastructure to research the on top of. Trident Investigations Network™ is providing the service of getting proofs and evidences with none loss of the small print and these results & proofs are with none reasonable the manipulation of the extremely confidential level in order that none of the person of suspect involves fathom this.

We offer the subsequent services:

Proof of financial gain/money standing: We facilitate clients in obtaining the specified details of regular payment and business financial gain, status of any personal or business loans, expenses on mobile usage, details of properties, vehicles, etc. The report will be used as proof to be created at the time of legal course of action.

Medical Figuration: Our professional team supports you in obtaining you details of past medical records within the style of diagnosis reports, medical treatment history from hospitals/clinics.

Intimidating/ Anonymous E-mails: Nowadays several mischief mongers use electronic connection to send malevolent/ threatening/ anonymous e-mails to badger, hurtful, insult, demand bribe, etc. We have a tendency to investigate such matters to seek out the wrongdoer and also the hidden motives and do the cyber crime investigation.

Evidences of employment: We are able to offer you copies of regular payment statements, identification card details, personal images or the other connected proof for employment. We have a tendency to assist you find the real data that may be utilized verifications, legal cases, etc.

Authentication of properties/ Assets: As one of the pioneer detective agencies for civil matters, we have a tendency to undertake such investigations that are helpful in financial argument for attachment of property or realization of court degrees or perhaps in business dealings/ due-diligence cases. We are able to prepare an in depth report on all the transferrable/immoveable assets registered within the name of the main person.

Individuality Report: Our agency creating a character report, we are able to collect all photos/audios/ videos/ electronic details/different proofs exploitation secret investigation and tactful enquiry from completely different sources. These evidences will be used as proof to be created within the court of law. The most objective of this assortment is to a mass all needed evidences for court functions and out-of-court bargaining.

* Obtaining evidences are subject to the possibility & availability, which varies case to case.

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