Post Employment Background Screening


Trident investigations network™ in Noida (Delhi-NCR), India offers Post-Employment Screening/ Investigation permits personnel to gauge the hazard thereto they are unrecovered, and so to manage that hassle. Regular credit exams, surprising judgements, and crook convictions- these square measure all developments that their cluster of staff. On the other hand, ignoring the integrity of existing employee or ex-employees at management level may well be expensive for any company. An associate worker during a vital access to databases and confidential information may be swept. Here, the client company’s security is only as strong as the weakest link. So as to form investigation a simple task, we also cover surveillance and checks on existing and ex-employees to work out the potential existence of fraud or undercover work activities.

The detective agency is headed by the foremost qualified and skilled experienced detective in all over India. Our post-employment investigation is appropriate because we are doing excellent and working hard to reach the root cause of discrepancy in the organization. We make sure that if any employee who is breaching the terms of company and stealing information which can damage your company must be caught red-handed then you’ll be able to take strict against him/her. There are vital steps which we tend to follow throughout the post-employment investigation:

  • Keep a watch on each employee to capture the activity
  • Make certain that each one the securities gadgets like CCTV, alarm etc. operating fine
  • Preparing elaborated analysis report of each department so that you’ll be able to get the important bad person
  • Investigate and prevent pilferage through Cyber Security systems
  • Creates healthy coordination in every department so as to rectify the loopholes.

We not alone conduct verification for post-employment, to addition for pre-employment what is more, that helps you in knowing the precise truth regarding your employee once they leave the organization and be a part of hands at the side of your competitors. You will be unaware once your workers may perhaps be stealing knowledge and data and disbursal it on to your competitors. Pilferages and data thefts square measure serious concerns and need to be unbroken a daily check upon them, so on stop confidential company knowledge from getting out. We’ve a bent to thus assist you in choosing the correct human resource and to boot to grasp the little print of the prevailing work force.

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