Pre Employment Background Screening

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Pre-employment investigation/ background screening can make the process of recommendation new employees quite a lot less stressful. The hiring process can be a disabled and confusing one. After rounds and rounds of interviews, one can still harbour many ambiguity and reservations about potential applicants. Choosing the right one can feel as systematic as picking the winner at the local track.

Pre-employment background inspection also eliminates stress the hiring process by giving the employer an authentic sense of an applicant’s past experiences. In addition, outsourcing the background examine to a screening company permits the human resources department of the company to focus on alternative matter whereas the background check is being conducted. Very much like we tend to all would love to implicitly trust the applying information submitted by job candidates, the facts remain that some individuals square measure but honest once making their resumes.

Pre-employment screening instruction:

Due Alertness Program designed to discover and analyse background information on applicants and candidates for employment

  • Fast turnabout with in-depth results
  • Qualified managed service
  • Personalized screening programs
  • Cost effective results
  • Nationwide and world coverage

Who might use and advantage from this service:

  • HR department
  • Security department
  • Small business operators
  • Security management companies
  • Private consultant

Why accomplish pre-employment screening:

Pre- Employment verification examine takes the belief out of the hiring method, providing concrete objective facts regarding applicant:

  • Identification verification
  • Earlier addresses
  • Recent address
  • Licences
  • Criminal and civil records
  • Past employment records
  • Financial info

Background verification/ screening by Trident Investigations Network™ assures the trustworthiness, competence and sincerity of the short-listed candidates. You may also contact us at (+91) 98109-34570 or send a contact form through our website and we will certainly assist with all the facts.

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