Competitor Analysis

Trident Investigations NetworkTM are highly experienced handling the distinct desires of business work a range of competition connected problems as well as no- complete contract. Trident Investigations NetworkTM may facilitate your business save several greenbacks in lost business revenue. Our extremely trained investigators stay-up for new advances in inquiring technology to insure you the foremost current and correct data. The evidence provided is usually elaborated and of the very best quality to provide within courtroom.

All –Inclusive Competitor Investigation:

  • Asses your core and rising competitor’s current and planned activities, structure, practices in numerous purposeful areas (e.g. sales and selling, HR, R&D, producing, service/support, etc.)
  • Corporate and its product on specific analysis criteria (e.g. product quality, business data, service & support etc.)
  • Analyse competitor’s strength and weakness, outline well-substantiated threat situations of competitor’s possible future actions and their impact on your business, and manufacture plan of action “sell- against” tools for your sales division (and channel) to win against competitors.
  • Recommend specific offensive and defensive actions to attack competitor’s strength and exploit their weaknesses.

Constant, Systematic competitor monitoring:

  • Typically starts with a comprehensive CI baseline investigation, assessing your competitors’ strengths and weakness, positioning ways and techniques, and anticipated moves (see comprehensive competitor investigation for more details).
  • Investigate competitor’s approaching product introductions, alliances, threats, and opportunities, product delivery mechanisms, development activities, sales division structure, rating practices, and the way they sell against you.
  • Give interim intelligence briefings (at least weekly), respond speedily to your unintentional CI inquiries, update CI following matrices, and participate in your company’s “WAR ROOM” meetings/conference calls.

Marketing and sales intelligence:

  1. Lost Accounting Tracking: Select strategic accounts recently lost to the competition or lost by your competitors. Investigate reasons why these accounts designated the competitor’s offerings, looking for specific weaknesses at the merchandise, sales method, price/value, and added service levels, Understand however competitors win business from you, however they sell against you, however competitor’s customers read you, and the way to most effectively modify your sales and positioning techniques. Optimize sales productivity, competitive win rates, and account acquisition and retention rates.
  2. Competitive electronic messaging investigate: Competitors whole strategy, whole price proposition, key client values, and electronic messaging ways for various target markets. Uncover however your target markets read your company and product at intervals your trade. Define acceptable messaging/ branding to attain best Competitive differentiation, most client recall, desire association of name with key client perception.
  3. Competitive Reference point:Select a bunch of firms in your trade or alternative industries that are identified to line the quality in an operational, marketing, client satisfaction or product quality space (e.g. Malcolm, Victory firms, etc.) Investigate these Companies best practices, synthesize the intelligence insights and suggest actions for method improvement with specific benchmarks to be met at bound milestones/intervals.
  4. Trade show Intelligence: Conduct pre- conference interviews with target sources; then “WORK THE FLOOR” at conferences, trade shows, and business conventions by interviewing competitors key stakeholders. Provide daily interim CI reports and hold daily interrogation sessions together with our company’s conference attendees for “real-time” CI updates.
  5. Due-Diligence Investigations: Investigate a target company’s markets, development details, patent positions, suppliers, customers, etc. To provide a solid” second medical opinion” in support of your investment, M&A , partnering, venture and credit choices.
Some of the viewpoints strike on the means throughout establishing the business as following:
  • Analyse the selling activities of the first competitors primarily based upon the positions within the market and associated market strategy.
  • Detective, investigators value competitor’s performances and determine key factors underlying their success and failures.
  • Detective, investigation analyse the present and future resources and competencies of every rival.

Trident Investigations NetworkTM is aware of the fine link between and spying within the company sector is in a position to help you by each gaining lawful intelligence concerning your competitors and able to offer answer associated with the analysis of the competition for outline and to enhance the competitive profile of the organization so as to achieve a bigger objective that’s the market growth and profitableness.

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