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Trident Investigations NetworkTM is predominant detective and investigation who uses current day technology, emissary devices like- detective cameras, secret Bluetooth and so forth. On behalf of this latest technology, we tend to acquire the proofs and evidence in opposition to the challenge and offer the clean photograph, and shoot pictures and videography.

Importance of still photo & videography at scene of crime:

Photographs give investigators et al. with a permanent visual record of the scene which will be analysed or examined for later use. It provides correct measurements and distances among objects, that is lacking with sketches. Images are imperative in court hearing and trials because it provides they decide still the jurors with a permanent visual record of the scene and proof that were collected. Regardless if a scene has been videotaped, still images are a requirement at each crime scene. Though videotaping will record everything, images will demonstrate sure things like direct comparison. Photography must always be used once it’s desired to get completely objective, permanent and simply controlled proofs capable of conveyance concerning conviction. It should be aforementioned that photography is also utilized when that there’s space to suppose that the camera sees additional than the attention, or, if it doesn’t see additional, every time that associate degree object ought to be mounted for future reference. To obviate any apparent dishonesty within the photograph thanks to the optical limitations of the lenses used, or for the other reason, scrutiny of a thought made from the locus of the crime.

We in addition invariably here with our skilled behaviour with exclusive inquires in utmost discreet thanks to ascertain that have hidden truth. Our approach of accomplishing enquiries is thus meticulous that even our direct technique to the topic creates the least doubt which is viable due to the quit recollections we tend to take. We’re invariably temporary to present you associate degree an alibi. We tend to in addition do videography and provide video and photographic proof where viable. We’ve happened manner emerge as hooked on the thrill of the hunt and also the joy and birthday celebration of the reunion. While we acquire a reputation to get a lacking friend, excessive faculty friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, military help, acquaintance or lost love.

It doesn’t matter which kind of case you’ve got, we tend to Trident Investigations NetworkTMassures that the case will be conducted neatly, smartly, and also the results are relinquishment with in brief amount of your time. Our private agency perpetually believes within the power of truth thus we always cross check the legitimacy of evidences and entrust to you. This method is utilised in varied investigation process, such as you wish to ascertain the background of an employee, otherwise you wish to research your relationships than you’ll be able to take the concept of still photo and videography. Trident Investigations NetworkTM is always there for you to conduct the still photo & videography investigation method for any kind of purpose whether it is concerning corporate matters or personal investigations.

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