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Mystery Shopping by Trident Investigations Network™ is a process in which our investigative agent visits a retail store, restaurant, bank branch or any such location with the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience. Many companies define detailed processes and parameters to ensure that customers will have a good experience in their sales locations. It is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. In some cases, investigators will need to review public records, speak with company clients and customers, and contact overseas offices to uncover genuine reactions / reviews and comments for the company.

Handwriting Authentication This more specifically covers fraudulent manipulations and causes a major loss to the corporate world. The extent to which handwriting may be miss-used, is beyond imagination and astonishing. Unauthorized persons may sign cheque of very large amounts, persons not authorized may issue indents on the document and trickster may misdirect delivery orders etc. To eliminate all these issues we have a team of experts to catch the cheater immediately. Trident Investigations Network™ has an association with the finest Forensic Experts also and with the help of their modest techniques even unforeseen finger/foot prints could be accessible.

Need advice? Get information from the professionals. Trident specialize in providing professional consultation on investigation or any other sensitive matters to meet your needs.Provides a professional consultancy/services to the national and international business community & individuals specifically designed to meet their demands. We aim to service a wide range of sectors around the world helping prevent, or respond to, everything from financial irregularity to employee and contract disputes, insurance fraud, business promotions and personal or family matters with special services to NRI. We recognize that our clients' problems in this arena are unique and therefore have not attempted to cover every eventuality but simply key information on the following areas:

  • New Company Launch
  • Corporate Development & Promotions
  • How to get business
  • How to get secure in Corporates
  • Corporate Security Systems & Industrial Personnel Deployment
  • Market Survey
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Legal Matters
  • Forensic Check
  • Relationship Counselling (Personal & Corporate)

Disclaimer - This is certify by Trident Investigations Network™ that the specialized consultancy will be confidential, privileged and only for the information of the intended recipient and may not be used, published or redistributed. The opinions expressed are in good faith and every care has been taken while advising. Trident Investigations Network™ and its team has no responsibility of any future consequences.

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